Reem Khan's October Favorites!

Reem Khan's October Favorites!

Flaunt'n'Flutter by Reem

Monthly Favorites List is here, a month to month blog in which Reem will talk about her number one products for the Month . This rundown comprises the multitude of products Reem Khan tried, tested, and loved. A portion of these products are still a part of Reem's vanity since she was unable to get over them. We will discuss those items in our next issue. Or then again we may make a tried, tested, and loved, not getting over them anytime list soon. You never know! ;) 

This month we're centered around the special cases, not the standards—the one earth veil that is useful for dry skin like mine, a leave-in conditioner that sparkles from scalp to ends, an uber-chic matte lipstick. At the point when the world appears so upside down, it's ideal to realize that magnificence can at present shock us. Here are the favorites we're taking with us into November:

The Perfect Finish Liner 

Any individual who lives and kicks the bucket by fluid liner comprehends my quest for the ideal one. I needed one that gave the ideal swoosh of a Cat eye, with overly dark finish and a consistent application. In my initial days of fashion blogging, that journey made me take regular trips to Sephoras—today, on the off chance that you dropped me in a marvel passageway, Dubai, I could find a fluid eyeliner that meets my rules. My cheat code? Going for an inkwell liner with a brush-tip application. The brush is adaptable enough to draw near to your lash line and follow any shape you're following, yet firm enough to follow your scope of movement and not turn out before you make your flick. Obviously, you'll get a little drippiness—everybody's fluid liner aptitude level is extraordinary, yet my skill can deal with it. Furthermore, that inkinesss is the thing that leaves my Cat eye pure black without fail attempts. For as far as I can recall my sacred goal inkwell liner has been the unimaginably reasonable, Wet n Wild waterproof one, however utilizing Marc Jacobs' Highliner gives me a smidgen more control and never leaves my eyes feeling disturbed. Additionally, it's chrome, streamlined...and stylish. It's the liner I'd need somebody to get from my vanity.

A Tube Of Bright Red Joy 

To be completely forthright, I wasn't excessively energized when these came via the courier. Without a doubt, I love Charlotte Tilbury, and I realized they had sold out a couple of runs before, however full-color matte lipstick isn't generally my jam. In a Zoom to compliment the product, Charlotte clarified that these lipsticks were so hard to get right, she nearly surrendered—conventional matte recipes didn't give the extravagant completion she needed, and her samples were loaded with so much color they continued breaking in the cylinders. Sold on the story, I raced to the mirror just after I closed down. Presently, I can affirm the consequence of her long periods of work is really unique: a matte lipstick with a velvet completion that smooths on effectively, fills lines, and foggy spots the lips as opposed to each dried out chip. Each and every other red I've ever utilized presently feels like a simulacrum—you realize how dark velvet jeans look quite a lot more dark than non-velvet ones? It resembles that. I've been letting Velvet Ribbon, the exemplary Charlotte Tilbury red, supplant my morning mug of espresso for a brisk stimulating shock. I'd recommend getting in on the pre-request while you can, in light of the fact that these folks will in general go rapidly.

How can I not mention my Red lava or Blood Line for that matter?? ;) 

If you all want one Red Lipstick on my recommendation, Red lava could be your best choice, recommended by Reem. Always wanting a formula that stays on for the whole day and failing to find one was my nightmare at that time. Having to redo everything after a snack used to be my pet peeve. Not anymore! 

Try it, trust me you’ll live for it. 

A Statement Mascara That's Also A Workhorse 

Benefit Cosmetics makes great cosmetics! When I initially found out about this brand I knew at any cost the products would be beautiful. As a general rule, organizations will in general stagger when they begin one way and afterward out of nowhere go the method of cosmetics or skincare. My number one item is the mascara “They are Real Mascara”. Its slender wand is furnished with short fibers that characterize and extend the hell out of my lashes. It stores the perfect measure of item to cover every hair for volume, however not all that much that it quickly bunches. The little brush is likewise fit to cover my lower lashes without making a monstrous wreck. Tune in, by the day's end it's simply mascara, yet truly, it's truly outstanding.

Sultry Lashes!!!

Possibly, one of the highs of not going out during this CoronaVirus Pandemic has been the incredible delight of having the option to rub your hands across eyes unafraid of spreading your mascara over your face. I'll concede, this has been a sumptuous and delighted inclination. 

You can feel it noticeable all around, the speculative euphoria and confidence that accompanies the steady facilitating of some COVID-19 social distancing measures. We're starting to understand the significance of specific things which we underestimated; who knew the simple idea of going out will create so much energy. However long you're investing amounts of energy into wearing genuine jeans, at that point you should go as far as possible and decorate them with some astounding false lashes. 

There is no better method to knock the volume, show and length of your eye jewels than with some pleasant false eyelashes. While our number one mascaras will consistently have a spot to call home in our cosmetics pack, nothing beats some delightful false lashes with regards to step up your eye look. 

Current Fake lashes have never been so natural to apply, with a portion of the new imperceptible and adaptable groups, differing high quality and cordial styles, falsies have never been so alluring. I likewise have a guide on the best way to apply fake lashes for the individuals who may be somewhat corroded. 

As we get ready to reappear the world, I realize a few people may require a little shot in the arm to set themselves up, so in case you're one of those individuals, don't stress out, we have you secured. The following are the absolute best False eyelashes out there to keep your eyes popping and give you greatest certainty.

 I Call them Classics!

There is a motivation behind why works of art are called works of art. With regards to fake lashes, Ardell Natural Demi Wispies, is THE IT lashes. This item is cherished by everyone in the beauty world,  from big name cosmetics specialists to veteran YouTubers. It has a very lightweight band that is practically imperceptible when on. It offers the ideal mix of length and wispy volume. It gives your character stylish help that needs to stand out.

Individual Lashes, My Picks for November

You should consider getting individual lashes in case you're not happy with fake lash strips or in case you're more into those adaptable vacillates. Ardell products are an absolute necessity. 

Flaunt n Flutter by Reem Lashes

Flaunt n Flutter’s Fake lashes have been the go-to lashes among the Salon artists and well known YouTubers in Pakistan. The 3D Luxe lashes are your smartest option for that extra sensational look. They come in high-sway styles that can go for any look or eye shape. They're additionally somewhat fluffier and more full. They are flexible, as they can be worn for a brisk market run just as a night out. Its volume originates from the savvy split-top plans, which is something you'll find in a truly pleasant mascara – and the adaptable band are amazingly extraordinary for eyes.

That one product Reem’s Proud of!

Makeup  brushes are (or ought to be) a staple in any makeup schedule; they're the bread and butter of cosmetics application and can take you from a decent 7 to a 10 in close to no time. We as a whole love a cosmetics brush, yet with countless assortments available, you're regularly left pondering where to begin. There's no uncertainty you'll realize what most brushes do, however incorporating them can be an altogether extraordinary story, and knowing which ones are really worth the speculation can be awesome. 

In case you're an amateur in the makeup and beauty world, or can't work out your powder brush from your blush brush, don't panic – as usual, we have your back. Regardless of whether your point is to settle that beautiful foundation, making that chiselled cheekbones or that desired Insta temple, look at our convenient manual for cosmetics brushes and we'll assist you with deciding the kind of brushes you need, and all the more critically – how to utilize them. 


Foundation Brush – Probably the most overwhelming of all, however definitely, the most significant. We're certain you'll concur with us, it's your canvas and there's little preferred position in working that shape in the event that you haven't aced your base (alllll that she needs is another … cosmetics brush). Presently, the million dollar question – would it be advisable for you to go for the conventional level tightened brush, the cradle brush, or the thick oval brush? (y'know, the one that resembles a candy and is overwhelming the world) ;”)

The conventional Foundation brush is made of adaptable fibers that are incredible for mixing fluid or cream foundations of BB Creams. You should begin in your face (where you need the most inclusion) and mix in a descending movement. For faultless, heavier inclusion, the Buffing Brush is ideal. The thickly stuffed fibers will buff the product– including fluid, cream and powder – into the skin for a more normal look, without the product showing up as though it's simply sitting on top. You likewise keep away from brush marks – victor!

Presently, the one to watch, which we can just depict as a candy type thing: the thick Oval Brush. This brush, advocated by an appearance of Iconic London and immediately imitated by satchel benevolent Primark, is by all accounts the instrument of decision right now and is quickly turning into an example. This kind of brush is extraordinary for taking advantage of a full fluid foundation. We kinda like it; truly it feels rather bizarre, however its capacity to buff is on point. Digitally enhanced? You betcha! 

Kabuki Brush – Possibly the most underrated brush out there. This thickly stuffed brush with adjusted fibers is ideal for totally everything; from powder/mineral foundations to bronzer and blushes. My own fave approach to utilize this is with a bronzer to heat up the appearance and the shape of the face. 

Concealer Brush – If you'd preferably utilize an alternate brush for your concealer rather than your foundation brush, we'd recommend utilizing a little adjusted brush or level beat brush to pat concealer into the skin. This helps make blending more precise and allows you to get into the little areas and crevices of your face (we're talking internal eye corner, either side of your nose and over flaws specifically btw). 

Powder Brush – We like to call this the absolute Essential brush, just on the grounds that your makeup vanity shouldn't be without it. This brush can be utilized to apply any kind of powder, be that as it may, it's especially incredible for compact or Loose powder to set the base you've applied. 

Blush Brush – Blusher brushes will in general be either angled or rounded, and on the fluffier side – to get the perfect measure of the product. Whirl the fibers into the powder and apply to the apples of the cheeks, directing the product upwards towards your cheekbones. The Blush  brush can likewise be utilized to apply bronzer if the kabuki brush isn't working for ya. 

All-over Eyeshadow Brush – Choose a brush somewhat smaller than the width of your eyelid (and one that is generally soft) to help mix and blend the shades more evenly. There are two procedures we're somewhat attached to: the windscreen wiper clear and the circular movements approach. 

Blending Brush – If you find you've applied your eyeshadow a little too harshly,  or you're utilizing numerous shades, go in with an enormous and cushy mixing brush to smoothen lines for a more flawless finish. 

Lifting the Makeup game!

Stippling Brush – This is a flat brush that helps you build coverage slowly. This brush is appropriate for applying liquid and cream products, while the circular movements heats up the product to mix it flawlessly for an amazing Photoshop finish. 

Fan Brush – For the highlighter lovers out there (we see you), the fan brush is a distinct advantage for the 'feature on fleek' look. This is an extraordinary brush for exploring different avenues regarding your feature on the grounds that the fibers gently get the product for a gentler completion, which can likewise be developed for a more serious look whenever wanted. Sweep the finishes of the brush bristles over your cheekbones in an upwards movement and rock that shine! 

Contour Brush–Whether it offers a flat top or angled tip brush, the contour brush is incredible for cutting out the hollows of your cheeks. Remember to suck your cheeks in like a fish! 

Lip Brush – For those with small lips, a lip brush can frequently be a lifeline – particularly when working with an intense tone. As an option in contrast to applying lipstick directly from the shot, utilize the lip brush to pick the shade from the lipstick and apply to lips for ultra definition. 

Angled Liner Brush – The one with flat top, thickly stuffed fibers that turns into a fundamental instrument when accomplishing winged eyeliner. Use with eyeshadow or cream liner products  for an exact flick that gets very close to your lash line. 

Brow Brush – Often like the precise liner brush, this little, firm and thickly stuffed brush is the one for 'on fleek' brows. Having a spoolie on the end is a special reward and you'll before long think that it's a hard one to live without.

Smudging Brush – This is the one for those of you needing to ace the smoky eye; its adjusted tip will especially help you when progressing colors, but at the same time It's extraordinary for smearing eyeliner or shadow over the lower or top lash lines. 

Fluffy Eye Brush – This brush is ideal for when you need a more exact utilization of eyeshadow. It additionally functions admirably when winging out your shadow and mixing conceals together.

Reem invests a lot of time in creating the best, high-end quality products in a very reasonable price range. Having a lot of interest and love for makeup, she has been doing a lot of research and puts a lot of effort to create the best she can. Sharing her list in these Monthly Blogs will help you all find out where to invest.


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