Reem’s New addition: Beauty Pops

Reem’s New addition: Beauty Pops

Since I originally began wearing makeup back in the college days in the early 2000’s, the game has truly changed. Your fingertips and a pack of expendable sponges may have gotten the job done before, yet makeup lovers the world over (myself included) have been honoured to find the mystically consistent look that comes from an extraordinary makeup sponge or blender and we're not returning from it. 

Makeup Sponges/blenders can by and large be utilised dry or wet for applying and mixing cream or liquid products. You can likewise apply foundation with fingers or a brush and afterward go over it with a sponge or blender to make flawless looking makeup even on cameras, that you can't accomplish some other way. 

So how might you tell which ones merit the cash or are a low-spending take, and which ones you should leave on the racks? I read endless online surveys from makeup experts and tried ten sponges myself at an assortment of value focuses to discover which ones to keep.

Any individual who knows the slightest bit about makeup is hooked to fancy sponges to blend their foundation, concealer, contour and even blushes. We generally see top makeup influencers conveying (at least one) of them in their videos or blogs. Beauty sponges have been raved about a lot in the past couple of years. Winning a lot of beauty awards, they have officially become my favorite when it comes to flawless blending. Oh, I wasn’t able to hold myself so I launched my own Beauty Pops in December. 

Indeed, I love the Beautyblender, as well, yet when I saw thundering on the Internet about a beauty blender sponge that could match mine, I needed to examine ;) 

Also, here's the kicker: The Real Techniques sponge costs $7.95. The Beautyblender costs $19.95. And my Beauty Pop costs $9 for 2 pops.  I always wanted to make a perfect product that could blend everything flawlessly and reach the areas where normal sponges can’t, so I came up with an idea to create two and sell it for the price of one. Bringing value to my customers has always been my top priority.

When I was brainstorming for the new ideas about my next launch, I visited Reddit, Quora and many other public forums to get an idea of what people want and what they are missing out. A year and a half ago, a consumer posted an image next to each other examining the Real Techniques sponge versus the Beautyblender. To the extent mixing in foundation (common in both the sponges), the consumer said, "I found that despite the fact that I end up with comparative outcomes by utilizing both of these sponges, it takes much more effort to mix my makeup utilizing the Beautyblender as compared to the Real Technique one. Looking at how the two sponges mix the streaks of concealer she applies all over to shape my face, the Real Techniques sponge surely wins due to the more limited time that it takes, however this was still a time taking process for a person like me who has a lot of things to do and two young boys to take care of. It appears to work effectively at getting and blending with each pat but still the time was the major issue. The consumer additionally says that the Real Techniques sponge keeps going longer than the Beautyblender subsequent to cleaning the two of them every day with her Beauty Blender Solid Cleanser. Her last decision? She'll stay with the Real Techniques sponge and will utilize the Beautyblender cleanser to wash it, until she gets a better one that will save her more time and give the flawless finish she wants. In a fast paced environment when we already have time constraints, I find it frustrating to go back and forth for my multiple brushes and blenders for different purposes. For that I brainstormed a little and came up with the idea of providing two beauty pops for different purposes to save time and shorten the process, also in a very reasonable price range. 

My beauty pop’s egg shape helps a lot with blending for a no makeup look, allowing me to turn everything over my skin for snappier blending. The level base on the Beauty pop is incredible for squeezing in my foundation and all the cream products. Since the other blenders  just have round sides, it can't actually do that. 

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Here's my one issue with the other blenders: The excessively big round side of blenders are way too harsh on the skin, so the little point toward the finish of the egg is more extensive, making it a lot harder to mix in concealer around the eyes. I have a tiny face, and I identified that the more modest point on the Beauty Pop works better to get into the sides of my eyes.

Highlighting and contouring in those precise areas is a key for the chiseled face and perfect makeup look. In a recent interview, Gigi Hadid was asked if she ever had gone under the knife for a slimmer nose and cheekbone or that perfect pout. She denied everything saying that all you need to get a perfect makeup look is a good Makeup Artist, or makeup tools for that matter. We can not have a makeup artist for our everyday looks, but we can have the tools to achieve that look. And this is exactly my aim and motto.

My Beauty Pop and some facts about it!

With regards to applying foundation, my favored technique is still by utilizing sponges and blenders. I have run over some astounding brushes that can apply foundations quite well, nonetheless, since I am a sleek skin type, I have pores the size of holes and I find that brushes will in general reveal them all. In the event that I spend ages attempting to fill them in, I certainly don't need the fibers of a brush uncovering them. 


Flaunt’n’Flutter by Reem’s Beauty Pop definitely comes in the most unique and eye-catching packaging. It’s plastic and not very fancy but it is round and it extenuates the Beauty pops a lot. We have the other blenders that come in a typical hard plastic outer shell packaging, that is not so eco friendly, like one of those that annoy you until you open them but this one is actually not annoying at all. Trust me. It’s very easy to open and it feels fairly durable. 

I always pay attention to my product packaging. It’s very important for me when it comes to packaging. I personally believe that the first impression is the last impression. If I get the packaging right, it’s a win win situation for me. 

Champ: My beauty pop is packed in a very beautiful box containing 2 blenders for different purposes. 


All sponges offered a similar coverage which wasn't actually astounding, that is more the foundations work. However, my beauty pops retains the most amount of foundation, it’s laboratory tested and the quality of the sponges allows it to do that.

Beauty Pops are more thick than other sponges and blenders that are available in the market, and are the most permeable and lightweight one. 

Champ: More coverage, more flawless looking foundation even in the eye area because I offer two sponges of different shapes ;)

Texture and Shape:

Thick in texture, giving more coverage is what I always wanted from blenders and this is exactly what I’m offering.

Other than preference of application bounciness (My favorite term when it comes to sponges ;)) I deduced that the more thick the sponge is the more it will last. 

Also, I prefer the thickness of my beauty pops, it gives it a somewhat more luxurious, delicate sponge surface. 

Fit as a fiddle, also the sliced edge gives it a more precise look best for the tricky parts of the face.

Champ: Best for tricky areas.


Perfect blending due to the shape, and less time consuming due to the availability of 2 options for more precise areas.

Champ: Smooth application, less time consuming.

Color Options:

Available in 2 colors for now, I’ll be launching more soon.


Flaunt’n’Flutter by Reem’s beauty pops are really the ones that will last you the longest. Even after regular washes, it will last you 6 months easily. That’s very important when it comes to blenders and their lives. Spending a lot on Blenders on a regular basis is what I have always hated, for that I always wanted something that will give me the best possible results and last for a while.  They swell to double the size yet they dry down like nothing occurred. 

My Final Verdict:

Since you made it to this final part of my blog, I’d want to give you all my final and honest verdict. I love the limited tip of Beauty Pop that let me get into intense corners like around my nose. It even attempted to touch up the concealer under my dim under-eye circles in the middle of the day without smirching my lower lash mascara. The thickness and "bounciness" is additionally perfect. You can utilize it dry, however numerous makeup geeks — myself included — think it works best when it's slightly damp. The beauty pop grows altogether when wet, at that point you simply crush it out and spot for a totally wonderful sheer completion. 

I attempted it with both BB creams, tinted moisturizers, and all out foundations and this is what I found. When using a foundation, put a couple of spurts onto the rear of your hand and afterward utilize the beauty pop like a paintbrush to apply. It's made of a latex free hydrophilic froth which keeps it from retaining an excess of product. 

In case you're utilizing an overly damp BB cream or tinted moisturizer, in any case, I found that the other blenders retained altogether too much product for my likeness. All things considered, for BB cream, I spread everything over my face with my fingertips, at that point utilized the beauty pop to touch and mix all over to make an immaculate surface with no stroke marks. 

The first tone is splendid pink, yet it's currently accessible in a scope of shades. It holds up to a few washings, so while introductory ventures might be higher than a portion of different blenders, this excellent decision will last and last.

Aces: Great for little zones of the face, gives a flawless complexion without absorbing an excess of item 

Cons: Only available in 2 colors for now, will be launching more soon. I promise :)


Reem Khan

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