Review by @areeshamua - Flaunt'n'Flutter by Reem

Review by @areeshamua



So I am here to review about the much talked about lashes of the season @flauntnflutterbyreem 

Are they worth buying???🤷‍♀️

You’ll find that out in this post🙈

First of all how I came across them???... This has been in my news feed constantly where people have been flaunting this pink and white dabba 🙈 that claims to be a heavenly change for lashes. 

Though I am never easily convinced, this brand intrigued me so far that I couldn’t resist ordering one for myself. I am a person who sticks to my comfort zone for better or for worse😂 so this buy had to prove its worth to me for me to switch to it.

I ordered from their online website and the style i ordered was #eyesonfire . Although it took me time to decide from the vast variety of lashes they had to offer and read many reviews on which one to buy for myself. I have small eyes and I always have to strike a balance in using things that don’t make my eyes look smaller than they are. So yes i chose #eyesonfire . 

there was a Mother’s Day deal going on and I availed 15% discount. So I got them for Rs.1512(pretty decent for premium lashes)

They came in pretty quickly... I think almost the very next day... This pink box that came in is quiet sturdy (and believe me not even hulk can destroy it🤣🤣🤣)So as soon as i opened them I was absolutely absorbed in its fluffiness😱

Yes its that fluffy yet it still looks natural 🤷‍♀️

Now for the application part, the lash was a tad bit big for me so i had to cut it at the ends (no worries I have saved the cut parts to be used as individual lashes😎yes i am that thrifty 😆) What I liked about these lashes is that they have a wide band and they don’t loose shape once they are off the plastic packaging... so they simply settle to your eye-shape the instant you place them on your lash line ( that a great point to be considered for the beginners to false lashes


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