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Eyelash glue Eyelashes Flauntnflutter

For the ones who've been following me for a long time know that I am the kind of girl who is always after lashes n highlighters! I was super excited when I received these beautiful fluffy lashes by @flauntnflutterbyreem in my mail last week. Firstly, Thank You so much for sending these! Now about these lashes, they sent me a pair of lashes in the style "Girl From Tomorrow" which is extremely fluffy and has more volume in the center and lighter fluff on both ends. They also sent me their lash glue. The lash glue comes in a sleek bottle packaging with an easy brush applicator. I've been using another lash glue for years now and I was really excited to try this one. I finally used the lashes in a look yesterday along with the lash glue that came in with it. Here's what I think, πŸŽ€The lash style is very unique. πŸŽ€The best part about it is that the lashes do not loose their shape once taken out of the box which makes it sooo much easier to apply. πŸŽ€I trimmed the lashes a little according to my eye shape and applied it in literally 5 seconds because of its C shape band. πŸŽ€The 3D fluffyness has me hooked!!! Its sooo flattering! Now about the lash glue πŸŽ€I applied the lash glue directly on the lash band with the help of the easy applicator it came with. πŸŽ€I put it aside for a few seconds so that it becomes tacky. And popped it on my eyes after. πŸŽ€The lash glue is initially white which dries in transparent. πŸŽ€The lash glue had the perfect amount of stickiness to it which was gentle on my eyes even after I removed it.

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